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Dog Walker


Packages are sold upon request and include a discount per walk. Hours before 7:30am and after 9:00pm will include an extra $5.00 charge per visit.



If you’re going out of town, but need someone to look after your pet(s), Kacey Kares has you covered! One of our experienced and reliable walkers can visit at the times you usually walk and feed your pet to keep them on their regular schedule - but still also give them the love they need!

Family in Fall


If you’re going out of town and bringing your pet(s) with you isn’t an option, Overnight Stays are a great way to ensure your pet is cared for and never alone for long! Leaving your pet behind while you’re away on vacation can be very stressful - not only for you but also you pet. Many pets suffer from separation anxiety or have anxiety in general when left alone for long periods of time. One of our trusted pet sitters will stay in your home with your pet(s). We keep to your animal’s regular routine to help make them comfortable and ensure there’s as little stress as possible!

Dog Walker at the Park


Every now and then our dogs want to be social just like us humans do. A Doggie Social is a great way to allow your dog to become used to other dogs and people, and make some new friends along the way!

Chihuahua Shopping


This service consists of any errands that you may need to run for your animals such as:

  • picking up dog/cat food

  • any animal supplies you may need for your pets

  • medication from the vet

  • any other miscellaneous errands you may need for your pet



  • Water, Feeding, & Treats

  • Litter box cleaning

  • Playtime

  • Cuddles

  • Medication distribution if needed

  • Pictures/texts/email with updates about your furry feline and a picture to brighten your day!

pet taxi.png


This service provides your animal with transportation to the vet, groomers, pet boarding or any other place your fur baby may need to go.

We will cater to you and your pets specific needs.​

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