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Kacey Kares began as a part time job while I was in college. During my junior year I moved to Baldwin Park and realized there were more dogs than people! It was like heaven on earth! Though I was in school for something completely different at the time, I had no idea how much that move would change my life. I started going to the little field in my neighborhood and would ask my neighbors if it would be okay to borrow their dog for the day so I could get my animal fix. I quickly realized after spending most of my summer walking dogs while going to school that THIS is what I wanted to do. Caring for animals is what makes me happy, and sharing that love and passion with others is the dream behind all of this. It started with one dog and then another dog... and then a cat, and then next thing I knew it had become a business!

Today, Kacey Kares is a full concierge pet service that tailors to you and your pets needs. We have the most amazing walkers who LOVE animals and give their heart and soul to their job. We offer pet sitting, dog walking, cat care, dog taxi, pet errands, doggie drop ins, overnight stays, boarding, and doggie socials. Anything you need - we are here to help!

So you know we mean it when we promise that at Kacey Kares YOUR family will become a part of OUR family. Kacey Kares really cares!

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